Standby Skipper is an app that looks for Lightning Lanes so you don’t have to. We LOOK for Lightning Lanes. We can not guarantee any Lightning Lanes. For many reasons - weather, ride closures, the MDE system, availability, user error, etc etc etc. Standby Skipper was developed by two parents that are married to their phones for work and don’t want to have to fool with the phone during vacation (except for pictures of course!) Our app was designed to do the “fiddle faddling” for you.

Standby Skipper was NOT designed to dominate Genie.

Standby Skipper app wasn’t designed to be “raced”.

Standby Skipper wasn’t designed to micromanage your vacation. 

Standby Skipper WAS designed for you to be able to put the phone down and relax. 

We aren’t reinventing the wheel just helping with the driving.

Is Standby Skipper the solution for all the stressors around your vacation? Nope. It’s just a tool to help families. Is Standby Skipper for everyone? Nope. That’s ok too. We haven't done any paid advertising to date it’s all been word of mouth thanks to our incredibly fabulous users. 

When you are reading user’s reviews about that awesome 7am booking, that’s because people don’t write reviews on the things they didn’t get. When you are reading reviews from people who get notifications seconds after banding in, thats because people don’t write about the ones that took thirty minutes or a couple of hours to book. Getting that notification is fun! We love how excited people get and love to share in their excitement. 

If a person is racing Standby Skipper they will win 100% of the time. This is by design so we aren’t monopolizing Lightning Lane availability. Could we make the search faster? Yep. Are we going to do that? Nope. It’s not fair for non-skipper Genie users, nor does it align with Standby Skipper values. 

Who is Standby Skipper? Just two parents who love Disney and want everyone to love it and enjoy it the way we do. We aren’t developers (I guess technically maybe we are now since we wrote an app), we aren’t a big company looking to make a fortune. We are just two Disney lovers, who still work full time jobs and have kids and all the other stuff everyone else has. This is our passion project and something we truly love doing. We hope we are modeling for our kids that anything you put your mind to, you can do with hard work and passion.

We appreciate every single person who has tested, taken a survey, bought, shared a post, told someone about Standby Skipper, or even thought about Standby Skipper. When we started this last year we had no idea this would turn into the amazing community it has. We are humbled and appreciative of every single bit of it. 

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